QuickPasswords uses Bugzilla to maintain information on all bugs. It is relatively easy to submit a bug report or upload screen shots, you will have to create a free account with bugzilla to do this. As with a lot of the Software under the Mozilla development envelope this is also a very community driven experience, the more people contribute the better and more efficient work on future versions of QuickPasswords will be.

Latest bugs filed for QuickPasswords

Bug #Description
26491 ESR 2018 readiness - Make QuickPasswords compatible with Tb 60
26443 Thunderbird 57 hangs on start with QuickPasswords enabled
26366 Firefox 53: Copying and editing broken
26365 Firefox 53.0 Magic Wand misplaced
26343 Unified password change not working
26338 Login to websites not working in seamonkey 2.46
26333 redbox login and firefox passwords
26330 Fx51: Firefox e10s may cause failure of "Login to Website"
26329 Copying / Autofiltering stopped working in Fx 51
26162 Automatic Field correction does not work anymore [3.7.1]

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